Who hates broadbeans? We do too!


But we’re growing broadbeans anyway!

Do you have memories from childhood of hideous broadbeans? You probably found it on your plate alongside mushy yellow broccoli, and carrots so soft they’d become watery. Mmmmm … the taste of childhood!

If you’re fortunate enough to be of a different generation, where cooking styles have moved on, and food is prepared with more care instead of being murdered, you simply have no idea what you’re missing out on. Maybe you do …

Anyway, we’re growing broadbeans, and neither one of us have ever said ‘let’s get those’ before. There is one exception though. We tried some crunchy broadbean snacks as part of a sample box, and combined with the seasoning they’d used, they’ve been an occasional treat ever since.

Mr EcoWild has been the one to do most of the work. I’ve had the easy job of weeding around them occasionally, and admiring the beautiful flowers that broadbeans develop.

Broadbean flowers in all their glory

If I’m completely honest, I had no idea how broadbeans were going to grow. I think I had an idea that they might grow as individual beans, not in a pod. They do grow in a pod though, big green pods. And they start off as that pretty flower.

Big green broadbean pods

I have no idea what we will do with them when they are ready. I think we have some hope we can either replicate one of our favourite crunchy treats, or come up with something else that makes broadbeans enjoyable.

Wish us luck! But of course, share any bright ideas you might have for how we can turn from broadbean despisers, to broadbean admirers!

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