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Buying a safety shaver has been the best eco and financial choice I’ve made in the bathroom.

Before my conversion to learning to live a sustainable lifestyle I was an horrendous resource waster, and shaving wasn’t exempt. Who knew that a safety shaver would be one of the first big eco changes I’d make in my EcoWild journey?

I am constantly thinking about ways that I can remove, reduce or repurpose, as well as grow produce in sustainable and renewable ways. I even purchased a second hand hybrid car so that I could reduce my emissions and reduce the cost of my fuel consumption.

One of the ways I used to waste resource was to shave my face in the shower. I had bought into the sales hype that the more blades on a shaver the better the shave, and I paid ridiculous prices for blade replacements. These replacements are difficult to recycle because of the mix of plastic and metal in them.

I also used shave gel from an aerosol can because I have sensitive skin. I was under the marketing illusion for decades and wasted a lot of precious water.

Now, shaving is done over the hand basin using a tiny amount of water compared to what I used to. I use naturally made shave soap that lasts months and months and is a fraction of the cost of gel from a can. I apply the soap to my face with a shaving brush which feels great.

The biggest part of the shaving ritual change is that I now use a single blade safety razor that shaves much better than any of the hyped up multi bladed shavers. The blades are considerably more affordable than the multi bladed replacements, they stay sharper for longer, they do not clog with stubble like the others, and when the blade is finished with it is recyclable.

It did take a few shaves to get used to using the safety shaver, but it’s not that difficult to get used to. The blades inside the shaver are so sharp, and the shaver is heavier than the disposable types, so best advice is to lather up well to soften the hairs, then let the shavers weight do the hard work, you just need to guide that puppy to a smooth shave!

The natural soap does not dry my face out like the chemical filled gel I used to use. After shaving I apply a sustainably manufactured Tea Tree moisturiser as shave balm to take away any skin irritation and smell nice. Who knew shaving could  be so sustainable?

Changing small things to be more eco friendly in the bathroom, has been quite easy. Another unsustainable bathroom practice was my use of completely plastic toothbrushes which are not easily recyclable. I now use a bamboo handled toothbrush that when the toothbrush is worn out you pluck the bristles from the head and throw them away and the handle can go into the compost and break down.

Bamboo is used as it grows quickly so is quite sustainable for the use in such products. I was dubious about how good the toothbrush would be, but without a word of a lie it cleans my teeth much better than any of the plastic toothbrushes that I have used in my long and varied tooth brushing experience.

I never really gave my shaving habits a thought, let alone the other stuff I used in the bathroom, until I set out on this eco journey. Small changes like these can make a big difference.

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