Wooden dish brush


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Brushing up on your cleaning?

Yes, that was a terrible pun. Thankfully our wooden dish brushes are much better!

Take a step toward a more sustainable lifestyle with our wooden dish brushes. These are great for the dishes, and you’ll get oodles of use from the brush head. When it does reach the end of its useful kitchen life, you can pop the brush head out and replace it, then relegate the old brush head to other cleaning jobs around the house!

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Doing the dishes never looked so good

EcoWild’s wooden dish brushes take sustainable cleaning to a stylish level

Our wooden dish brush is a great addition to the kitchen, and as an added bonus, it actually looks good. The wooden handle is lovely and smooth, and easy to hold in the hand.

We love that these brushes are designed to go beyond a single cycle of use by allowing you to swap out just the brush head rather than replacing the whole unit. Reuse the handle over and over again.

Even after the brush head has seen better days in the kitchen, they make a great scrubbing brush for some of the dirtier jobs – think scrubbing dirty sports shoes, that kind of thing.

Learning to live a more sustainable life is about making small changes to our usual routines. Our dish brushes have nylon bristles, as we have found they last longer overall, and give hundreds of uses per brush head. When they do  finally reach the end of their useful life, the bristles can be plucked out and disposed of, and then the wooden head can be composted.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that your products arrive safely and damage free, so that you can begin enjoying them straight away, please be aware that we use ‘ugly’ packaging. It may not look so great, but we’re keen to ship items as sustainably as possible, with the least possible new packaging. Small changes made often by many, make the biggest of differences!


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