Unscented Concentrated Washing Powder


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All natural washing powder, that’s unscented and concentrated. Wash your clothes whilst helping to keep the environment clean. Up to 33 washes per 500gm bag makes this fantastic value. Choose between our 500gm or 1kg bags!

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One of the simplest changes we can make for the good of the planet, is switch to an all natural washing powder.

We make our own tried and true washing powder here at EcoWild, and have been doing so for a couple of years now, and we love it. Why? Simple! It has very few ingredients, it is a concentrate so only a small amount is needed (you can expect to get up to 33 medium washes from our 500gm bag!), and it is unscented, so it’s super gentle on your skin.

Prefer a scented washing powder? Make your own scent at home – add up to 2ml of lavender essential oil per 500gm (or any oil of your choice), and quickly whiz in the food processor and return to the bag.

Our washing powder should also be safe for those with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), though please be aware that the equipment used to make this power has been used for scented products in the past. Every care has gone into cleaning our equipment to reduce contamination.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that your products arrive safely and damage free, so that you can begin enjoying them straight away, please be aware that we use ‘ugly’ packaging. It may not look so great, but we’re keen to ship items as sustainably as possible, with the least possible new packaging. Small changes made often by many, make the biggest of differences!

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