Stainless steel tea infuser


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Our stainless steel tea infusers fit in your cup perfectly, and brew you the perfect cup of tea each time. Reduce waste, save money, and enjoy the better flavours a cuppa has when it isn’t wrapped in a bag! Use your infuser over and over again. Easy!

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No more tea bags for you – leaf tea is the way to go

Our in cup tea infuser makes a sustainable cuppa, simple

Did you know that heaps of tea bags have plastic in them? Crazy right, it looks like paper! Our in cup stainless steel tea infuser allows you to make a cup of tea to the strength you like, and you get to eliminate unnecessary waste.

Leaf tea is far better value too – you’ll spend less for more cups of tea, and that’s got to be good, right? Perfect for herbal teas too.

Relax with a guilt free cuppa!

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that your products arrive safely and damage free, so that you can begin enjoying them straight away, please be aware that we use ‘ugly’ packaging. It may not look so great, but we’re keen to ship items as sustainably as possible, with the least possible new packaging. Small changes made often by many, make the biggest of differences!


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