Menstrual cup and storage cup pack


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Menstrual cups are fantastic. They’re reliable, sustainable, and you always have what you need on hand for your period. No need to buy products month after month. Our menstrual cup pack contains a small and a large menstrual cup to suit all stages of your period and body, and a cup to sterilize your cups, or store them in between uses.

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The ultimate sustainable pack for your ‘monthly visitor’

Periods don’t need to be a hassle. Be prepared with this kit

Get prepared for your period with our value pack which includes two menstrual cups – small and large, and a storage cup. The collapsible silicone storage cup can be used to store your freshly sterilized cups in between uses, or used to soak your cups to freshen them up – use 3% hydrogen peroxide which will help reduce staining.

We recommend that at the end of your menstrual cycle, that you boil your menstrual cup for 20 minutes. Give it a quick clean with warm water and a mild soap (we recommend a natural unscented soap), to keep it nice and clean during your cycle.

The EcoWild pack has two sizes of menstrual cup, because we recognise that bodies change at different times of the month and what is right at the start of your period, may not be right near the end. Mix and match the sizes to suit your body.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that your products arrive safely and damage free, so that you can begin enjoying them straight away, please be aware that we use ‘ugly’ packaging. It may not look so great, but we’re keen to ship items as sustainably as possible, with the least possible new packaging. Small changes made often by many, make the biggest of differences!


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