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Ideal Cup is your ideal cup

If you like take away coffee, or even a cold drink on the go, then you need to invest in an Ideal Cup from EcoWild. This is the cup you will wish you had found sooner. It’s plastic, yes, but it’s part of a product stewardship program, which means that if your cup reaches the end of its useful life, you can send it back to Ideal Cup to be made into new Idea Cup’s. It’s a genuinely sustainable product.

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Meet your new best friend!

Ideal Cup is the last reusable cup you’ll ever need to buy, and the best value

Are you interested in ways that you can help the environment? One of the simplest changes you can make, is what sort of cup you use. Say no to single use cups, and say hello to your reusable Ideal Cup.

Ideal Cup is our pick for the perfect hot or cold drink on the go. Designed and made right here in Aotearoa, not only is the Ideal Cup reusable, it is part of a wider ‘Product Stewardship’ program, to make sure that if your Ideal Cup does come to the end of its useful life, it can be returned to Ideal Cup to be ground down and turned into new cups.

So yes, it is plastic, but it is a sustainable product, designed to last you a lifetime, and if it doesn’t, you don’t have to worry about it going to land fill. We love that ethos, and it’s why we chose these cups for you. Here’s the boss from Ideal Cup, Steph, to tell you a bit more about it – click here to watch a short video on Facebook.

Ideal Cup’s are easy to clean and won’t end up smelly or harbour bacteria. Save your hands from a hot cup care of the ribbed panels on the outside of the cup. These also help to make your cup extra strong. Barista friendly, 100% BPA free – in fact, we could go on all day about the benefits of the Ideal Cup! Instead, you can check out what Ideal Cup have to say on their site by clicking here.

When you purchase your Ideal Cup, we will send you a random, funky Kiwiana design cup. Each cup comes with its own care card.

Great as a gift, or to keep all for yourself. Grab an Ideal Cup today from us, and we will send you a random, awesome Kiwiana design cup. Stand out as you step out with your Ideal Cup!

The Ideal Cup holds 355 ml (12oz), and has a lifetime guarantee (the lid has a one year guarantee). Whilst the Ideal Cup is designed to be your cup for a lifetime, if your Ideal Cup does reach the end of its useful life, you can return the cup to Ideal Cup, so that it can be recycled into a new cup. A care card is included in your cup to help you get the best from your new best friend.

For more information about why we chose to stock Ideal Cups, check out our blog post by clicking here.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that your products arrive safely and damage free, so that you can begin enjoying them straight away, please be aware that we use ‘ugly’ packaging. It may not look so great, but we’re keen to ship items as sustainably as possible, with the least possible new packaging. Small changes made often by many, make the biggest of differences!


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