Introducing the EcoWild journey


Learning about sustainability never felt so good

Sustainability and a more natural lifestyle, are things we have been really interested in for some time, and the creation of EcoWild Partnership is part of our drive to learn more and grow in this area.

EcoWild was set up initially as an online store with a few of the more sustainable products that we have found and enjoy, but the truth is, the passion for EcoWild really started to take shape a few months later once Mr EcoWild bought a section of just over three acres in rural Pakotai at the end of October 2019. It’s here that our drive to live in a way that is less damaging to the planet has really started to take shape. 

Pakotai is situated loosely in the middle of Whangārei, Dargaville, and Kaikohe. It is a rural town, with the closest store at Parakao about ten minutes drive away. 

State Highway 15 runs through the middle of Pakotai, and is a busy main highway with a lot of logging and stock trucks using the route.

EcoWild HQ sits on the main highway. We have a container with power, and a massive open faced shed, also known as our office as well as our living quarters when we are based there.

HQ has over two acres of land in grass, which sits above a bushy area which is jam packed with Totara, Punga, Kauri, and other native and non-natives alike. There is a path that leads you down the hill, through the trees to a clearing. Beyond the clearing is a stream that runs through the bottom of the section, complete with a Kōtare (Kingfisher) living in the side of the bank.

To call it picturesque still understates the peace and beauty here.

Since Mr EcoWild took over the section, we have spent nights camping out there, and camped there during New Zealand’s Level 4 Covid-19 lockdown. We’ve spent hours behind weedeaters, and on ride on mowers, clearing areas that had been left to grow long, and maintaining areas that were already clear.

We have plans for this land. We’ve not stopped talking about the potential for it since the first day we set foot on it to view it.

EcoWild is a journey, not just a shop, not just a blog. It’s our journey. Sure, we have some things for sale that we think hit the mark by way of sustainability. We will also always look to further refine what we offer in our store. But more than all of this, EcoWild is our learning.

The land at EcoWild HQ is going to change. It already has. We’d like you to join us on our journey as we keep those changes coming. Follow us as we prepare the land, learn how to grow food, and develop the oasis that we think the section has the potential to be.

We’re both so excited to be starting this project, and we are really looking forward to seeing how far we can go, and just how sustainable a lifestyle we can achieve in this slice of Northland paradise.

We hang out on Facebook too. Come along and join us there as well! Click here to head to our Facebook page.

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