IdealCup’s are the ideal cup


We’re stoked to bring you IdealCup reusable cups

There are so many reusable cups out there nowadays, but not all are made equal. Just because it’s reusable, that doesn’t make it sustainable, or safe either. In our quest to find the perfect cup for ecoWild, we looked at the very popular bamboo cups. They are made with bamboo that is ground up finely, and then glued back together using a melamine resin. Recent research in Germany, has found that the formaldehyde and melamine contained in the resin, leaches into your drinks. Yuck! Other cups on the market are made of mixed plastic types, so typically difficult to recycle in New Zealand if they reach the end of their useful life. For the most part, they’re not going to last all that long either. Glass type cups are definitely a better option, but usually require a plastic outer or similar for heat resistance, and there’s nothing more disappointing than a dropped glass cup. IdealCups, really are ideal cups. Made from only two types of plastic, IdealCups are strong, 100% BPA free, and come with a lifetime guarantee on the cup, and a one year guarantee on the lid. They use ribbing to help keep the heat in your drink, not in your hand, so you’re guaranteed the ultimate drinking experience. Great for hot or cold drinks, IdealCup can be used when out and about, and they’re designed to be Barista Friendly. Your IdealCup is made to last you a lifetime, but the really cool thing is that if your cup does reach the end of its useful life, don’t chuck it out! IdealCup return all unusable cups to their manufacturer in Wellington, New Zealand. The cups are ground up, and then turned into new IdealCups. This is a process known as Product Stewardship, and it’s yet another thing we love about IdealCup! Say ‘no’ to single use cups, and say ‘yes’ to the only cup you’ll need from now on – IdealCup! Click here to end your search for the ideal cup, and pick up an IdealCup from ecoWild. You’ll never need another cup!

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