Eco travel is simpler than you think!


Ever heard yourself say, ‘I’d love to see more of Aotearoa’?

Well, now’s your chance to travel the country!

Okay, maybe travel can’t happen right now, as here in Aotearoa, we are at Level 4 Alert for Covid-19, so staying at home in our safe bubbles is our reality for a while.

Covid-19 may have us stuck in our own kāinga (home), and our travel ability both domestically and internationally is non-existent, but it doesn’t stop us from dreaming, making now the perfect time to plan your Aotearoa break.

Travelling within Aotearoa in your waka (car) or by tereina (train) and pahi (bus), is a great way to travel in a more eco friendly way. Of course, hybrid and electric cars are the ultimate in cleaner travel, but in general, even a fossil fuel powered vehicle is preferred over a short haul flight – this sentiment is mirrored in Stuff’s travel section, in the article A beginners guide to eco tourism – click here to read the article now!

Aotearoa is tino ātaahua (very beautiful), and the opportunity to enjoy our countryide whilst also supporting our fellow Kiwi’s as their businesses and towns recover from what is a devastating Covid-19 shut down, will be so valuable in so many ways.

Knowing that your travel has had less of an impact on Papatūānuku (Mother Earth) is an absolute bonus, and definitely something worth considering as Aotearoa, and indeed the world, begins to open its travel borders again.

Below, we’ve included a small gallery of images from travels around Aotearoa – this is such a small selection of what there is to see of our stunner of a country. Go get your pen and paper, and start that road trip plan! You know you want to!

As a side note to all of this, and just as important, it should be mentioned that there are a lot of small and artisan businesses out there run by Kiwi’s, just like us here at EcoWild, who want to make a difference to their families and their communities, through their businesses. Covid-19 has been devastating on human life overseas, and at the time of writing, Aotearoa has lost one person to the disease. Whilst one is too many, we hope that the death toll here stays at one.

Take this opportunity to have a look at how you buy, and who you buy from. We think that now is the right time for you to be looking within your community, and across Aotearoa, for businesses that stock items that you want and need, and remember to support them post lock down. They are going to need you now, more than ever. 

We can’t send any items whilst the Covid-19 Level 4 alert is in place, but we can still take your order! As soon as courier services are available (right now they’re reserved for essential services and supplies), we’ll package your goods up carefully in our ‘ugly’ packaging, and get it to you pronto! You can access our shop by clicking here.

Thank you for your support as we all get through this together, with kindness. 

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